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Retired Flag Drop Box NOW OPEN at TVHS!

We had a great turnout on Friday, October 1st, 2021, for our retired flag box unveiling, flag code demonstration and flag raising! Nearly 50 people came by at 5pm while Holly Brainard, former Regent of the Anna Smith Strong DAR and current TVHS trustee, led an interactive US Flag Code demonstration with members from BSA Troop(s) 355, 70 and 2019, BSA Pack 333 and the Ward Melville Student Government, along with members of the community.

We wrapped up the event with an unveiling of the new retired flag box donated by BSA troop 2019, that will be maintained by BSA troop 355. The crowd moved to the 30 foot flag pole, outfitted with a brand new solar light in front of TVHS, to recite the Pledge of Allegiance while scouts raised the flag. Finally, we said goodnight with an American Flag Kit raffle! (Congrats, Natasha!)

The US Flag retired flag drop box can be found outside of the Three Village Historical Society at 93 N. Country Rd. in Setauket and, is officially open to the public to leave their worn or tattered flags. BSA troop 355 will schedule a flag decommissioning ceremony once the box is full. Stay tuned!

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