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How to be an at-home archivist

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

By Karen Martin, TVHS Archivist

While you are at home are you going through and organizing those old family photos, baptism certificates, school report cards, newspaper clippings, etc.? What about that treasured stuffed animal or doll, baby clothes, baseball cards, scrapbook, etc.? Here are some resources to help you learn how to preserve those special items and suppliers of archival products.

Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC)

Specializes in treating and digitizing collections made of paper or parchment, such as works of art, photographs, books, documents, maps, and manuscripts. Also provides audio preservation services for rare recordings on magnetic and digital audio tape, lacquer discs, and wax cylinders.

Free resources for cultural heritage institutions as well as private and family collectors:

Caring for Private and Family Collections: At the bottom of the page Learn More has links to the National Archives, Library of Congress, etc.

Suppliers of Preservation Products

(Although these companies are temporarily closed, under the current health & safety guidelines of their state, create a wish list for when they resume operations)

Gaylord Archival

Your Story™ A curated collection of products and resources

Resources for personal preservation projects, such as family history, collectibles, etc.

How to Tips and Videos

Guide to Products:

Check out the “Resources” tab for links to Quilter’s and Quilt Collector’s Tip Sheet, Five Best Products for the Private Collector or Family Archivist, and Document and Photographic Storage.

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Good Afternoon..As a Bubnis I was born and raised in East Setauket and recently found some information about my families property being used during WWII by the US Army.also found a partial newspaper article about the Bubnis brothers and their service to our country during and after WWII..can you help me to find more information regarding this or lead me in the right direction to find it myself..I appreciate any help you can give family lived on Comsewogue Road, but as a child it was called Coach Road..Thanking you in advance for any help you can be.

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