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TVHS acquires Abraham Woodhull's books at auction

There is no doubt that Long Island played a major role in the success of the American Revolution.

In fact, Setauket was home to numerous individuals who comprised a network of clandestine intelligence operatives known as the Culper Spy Ring.

One of those Setauket spies was Abraham Woodhull (1750-1826).

Woodhull, known for his alias Samuel Culper Sr., resided in British-Occupied Setauket during the war and used invisible ink to send encoded messages of enemy troop movement to General George Washington.

Unfortunately, there are few artifacts and belongings of Woodhull’s which survived, both through the passage of time as well as the 1931 fire that razed his former home.

On July 26th, 2023, the Three Village Historical Society (TVHS) acquired two books at auction that belonged to the Woodhull family, one of the books bearing Abraham Woodhull’s signature.

These books hold promise as a cultural resource for the community, and for their research potential of Three Village history and the history of our nation.

The society welcomes researchers who wish to study these historical objects further.

The Three Village Historical Society is currently exhibiting the Woodhull books for a limited time.

These books can be viewed at TVHS headquarters located at 93 N Country Rd, East Setauket NY

Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 12 – 4 pm

Friday 2 – 6 pm during our weekly Farmers Market

Admission to SPIES! How a group of Long Island Patriots helped George Washington win the Revolution

$5 Children & Students

$10 Adults

Free for Members​

Write Up courtesy of Scott Ferrara, Exhibits & Collections Coordinator

Photographs courtesy of Kimberly Phyfe, Development Coordinator

Acknowledgments: Acquisition of these historical items would not have been possible without the combined efforts of the Three Village Historical Society’s Staff and Trustees. Specifically, the Collections Committee comprised of Christina Tortora Ph.D., Brian Bennett and Judi Wallace, as well as Brookhaven Town Historian Barbara Russell, Three Village Historian Bev Tyler, the Society’s director Mari Irizarry, and President of the Board of Trustees, Jeff Schnee.

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