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“A superbly researched work of history... forces us to look anew at the American Revolution from a tragic –and necessary –perspective”—The Washington Post Book World“

Meticulously immersing us in its details Taylor makes us see the Iroquois as active shapers of American history, and their struggle to keep their homeland as part of our shared American past.”—San Diego Union-Tribune

A Book Club for History Lovers

Where history, collections, and good books meet, you'll find our brand new TVHS Book Club, generously funded by Humanities New York.


Join us for History Lovers book club, facilitated by Dr. Tara Rider, PhD of Stony Brook University.  Books will be provided free of charge and, refreshments will be served at each discussion session at The Three Village Historical Society History Center, located in the Bayles-Swezey House, c. 1800 at 93 N. Country Road, Setauket, NY.


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Reserve and pick up your book by September 16th. 

Our second book is "The Divided Ground: Indians, Settlers, and the Northern Borderland of the American Revolution" by Alan Taylor

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of William Cooper's Town comes a dramatic and illuminating portrait of white and Native American relations in the aftermath of the American Revolution.

The Divided Ground tells the story of two friends, a Mohawk Indian and the son of a colonial clergyman, whose relationship helped redefine North America. As one served American expansion by promoting Indian dispossession and religious conversion, and the other struggled to defend and strengthen Indian territories, the two friends became bitter enemies. Their battle over control of the Indian borderland, that divided ground between the British Empire and the nascent United States, would come to define nationhood in North America. Taylor tells a fascinating story of the far-reaching effects of the American Revolution and the struggle of American Indians to preserve a land of their own.

Our first discussion group will be held in October, date TBD.

Limited to 15 participants per book. 

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A scene from our first book club discussion group on Wednesday, August 31st. 

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