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Three Village Historical Society takes part in "Digitizing Local History Sources Project"

We are so lucky to be included in the "Digitizing Local History Sources Project," which was funded by a $1.5 million grant from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation. Several delicate artifacts from the collection were expertly digitized by students at the Long Island University Palmer School of Library and Information Science. The collection includes 51,000 images from 40 historical organizations on Long Island.

Follow the link below to explore the following from the Three Village Historical Society collection:

  • Thomas S. Strong's Book of Accounts (1795-1850)

  • Mary E. (Satterly) Rowland Journals (1855-57 and 1867)

  • Dr. George Muirson Day Books (1749-53 and 1755-58)

  • Log of the Bark, “Mary and Louisa” Capt. Benjamin Jones (27 Sept 1862-8 Oct 1863)

  • Diary of Elizabeth Evan Jones

  • The Dr. Joel Griffing Collection (1807-1820)

  • The Denton Papers (1762-1802)

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